We knead and bake pita bread for skewered meat (souvlaki), every day for the past 50 years.

There are certain moments in our history that deserve to be mentioned.


In the late 1960s grandpa and grandma Leontiadis start to engage in the manufacturing of the traditional Greek flat pita bread for souvlaki.

In 1980 the Leontiadis brothers create larger premises and equip the company with new production machinery, sophisticated storage units, deep freezing rooms and a renewed fleet of trucks.

In 2006 the third generation relocates the company to a new factory 2,500m², which now operates in accordance with European Union standards for Consumer Protection and Food Safety.

In 2008 the old factory in Oraiokastro was completely renovated, in order to exclusively produce bakery products.

In 2012 we added a second production line for souvlaki pita bread, in order to meet the growing demand for our products.

In 2018  we created new space for frozen storage logistics,
maintenance and dry cargo to meet the growing demand
for Leontiadis Family products.

Catering to the whole of Greece, we continue our successful course through increasing our exports.



With a technological infrastructure which ensures the seamless operation of the company 24 hours a day,and a workforce which helps highlight our vision, we operate in accordance with international quality standards.



Flat pita breads infused with Greek tradition & experience, which will make your business the talk of the town.


Inventive ideas for different applications of the pita bread.
Pleasantly create tasty results, easily and quickly.

Meat Accompaniment

Brush the pita bread with a little bit of olive oil or corn oil, on both sides, and then put it in the oven for 5 minutes at 180°, or grill it, or fry it until golden.

In a Salad

Bake the pita bread at 150° for 7 minutes until it’s dry and then, after breaking it into small pieces, add it to the salad as croutons.

Pizza Base

Add the ingredients of your choice on the pita bread and bake it at 180° for approximately 10 minutes.


Smear the pita bread with butter, place it on a toaster as a base, add the ingredients of your choice on top of it and then cover it with a second pita bread and bake it.

French Toast

In a bowl, mix the eggs for 2 minutes with a cup of milk and a pinch of oregano (optional).Next dip the pita bread in the mix and it’s ready for frying.

Εxperience & tradition

from a greek family


If you have any questions about our products or if you just want to get to know us



Industrial Areas Oraiokastro, Zip code 570 13, T.Θ. 237, Thessaloniki
Fax. +30 2310 683021

+30 2310 682595


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